Background of the EZASE-KASI Initiatives.

Siyanda Mtulu

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ToWnship Economic development

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The township economy continues to be an under developed and underrated sector of the South African economy.

Existing businesses

Many existing businesses like restaurants, property agents, fashion designers and construction companies are not leveraged to revitalize the township economy.


The level of entrepreneurship in South Africa is on of the lowest in the world, ranked 27th out of 59 countries by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM).

Unlocking Development

EZASE-KASI is an initiative focused on promoting and enabling township entrepreneurs in order to unlock their full potential, while being true to their township identity.

How Does It Work

What to wear

Wear at least one item in your body that has been produced by a local / township fashion designer.

Where to eat

Have lunch in groups in the township restaurants, Chesa Nyama and Pup & Grab outlets. 

Ultimate Flexibility

Participate to Corporate Township Tours / visits as an economic ‘Booster’. 

Where to fill-up

Fill-up your tank (Company Vehicles) with fuel in the township service station, Etc.  

What to buy

The campaign will encourage participants from public and private sectors to purchase and use goods and services produced by the township economy. 

Who to support

It will also consist of visits to corporate and government offices to provide the opportunity for employees in those organizations and departments to purchase products and services.


Promoting Settlement Businesses

The mobile phone remains the most used device in rural South africa

We aim to develop an App that will allow Businesses who registered be found on a map of the township.
  - Location Service for Registered Business
  - Free Advertisement for Registered Business 
  - Live Search for businesses near you
  - Available on Computers and smart phones. 

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The National Development Plan (NDP) proposes a national focus on spatial transformation across all geographic scales through “…programmes to shift jobs and investments towards the dense townships on the urban edge”. The NDP also states that in order to enable an economy that will create more jobs faster and more inclusive economic growth there must be, amongst others, “support for small businesses through better coordination of relevant agencies, development finance institutions, and public and private incubators”.

The EZASE – KASI Business Fridays National Campaign seeks to align itself to the NDP vision 2030 by encouraging support from government, private sector, and the South African public in order to enable entrepreneurs in the township to prosper rather that survive. The commitment of your department to being an agent for change will better align this initiative to the country’s plan for the betterment of all South African lives, specifically township entrepreneurs. 



1.  National Campaign - To deliver a national campaign that encourages South Africans to bring their spending power to township businesses on Fridays! 

2.  Marketing Mediums  - To use conventional marketing mediums like TV, Radio, and Print media as well as websites of all participating Stakeholders. 

3. Social Media - Also to use innovative mediums like social media platforms and social events like the EZASE – KASI Pop Up Market & Exhibitions initiative.

4. Media Exposure - To ensure that this exposure effectively speaks to the consumer and the entrepreneur directly, through corporate/office visits as well. 

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